Every license is bound to a single computer and can only be moved to another hardware with a license transfer. There is a free Trial Version available that allows unlimited testing for 30 days, including the GUI, Console and Server part. No data will be stored outside your local installation. The End-User Terms and Conditions apply.

The perpetual license allows one computer to use i-net PDFC for an unlimited time. The license includes all updates for free within the first year.

The 1 year license allows the use of i-net PDFC for one year after activation for one computer. The license includes all updates for free within this period.


Desktop application for side-by-side document comparison


Command-line access for batch processing of documents

API access for integration in custom products

Developer SDK for Java and .NET developers


Comparison of documents on the licensed server

Remotely access comparisons using a browser

Permission based access for multiple users

Web API access for RESTful document comparison

Scheduling of comparison tasks

There are SaaS / Cloud, Enterprise and OEM licenses in addition to dedicated single server licenses as well. Please contact if you are interested.

Technical Requirements
Standard / Plus / Server
  • the server must be a physical server
  • the server must not be located in the cloud (AWS/EC2, Azure …)
  • the server must have at least one physically attached network adapter
  • the server's network connection must not be provided using a WiFi adapter
  • the software must not be run in a containerized environment (Docker, Kubernetes …)

Note: These terms apply for either the computer running the Server license or the computer running the Standard or Plus license variant.

Cloud License / SaaS
  • the server must have a static hostname, verifiable by DNS (no internet required)
  • or
  • the server must have a static verifiable internet address (VPC environments)
  • or
  • the server must have a verifiable external internet address (reverse DNS lookup)

The server may be run in a containerized environment.


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