Samples and Integration

The following samples demonstrate the basic abilities of JWebEngine. They are all available as executable JNLP files which will download the JWebEngine core and sample packages before executing.

Render Example

The Render Example opens a side-by-side view of the i-net software homepage. The right side shows the website rendered by the internal Sun HTML Renderer. The left side is being rendered by JWebEngine.

The Demo additionally offers an URL input field where you can type in your own homepage or other websites to compare the render abilities of JWebEngine and the Sun HTML Renderer.

Start download of the Render Example

File Editor Example

This is an advanced WYSIWYG demo of the JWebEngine capabilities as an HTML editor. It offers loading, saving and displaying of HTML documents.

You can also use the context menu to do certain actions like copy & paste of Rich Text or to view the source code of your document. The source code view also supports copy & paste for plain HTML.

Start download of the Render Example


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