Version 0.4 of Open Source spell checker released

Berlin, Dec 08, 2008

Version 0.4 of JOrtho, the Open Source Java spell checker brings many bug fixes and new features:

  • Added an Icon for the dialogs. This only works with Java 6.
  • Pressing ENTER and creating a new paragraph has not been handled correctly by the highlighter.
  • Email addresses and web addresses will be ignored.
  • Added the options IgnoreCapitalization, IgnoreAllCapsWords and IgnoreWordsWithNumbers.
  • Translations for Czech, Polish and Slovak were added.
  • A memory leak in SpellChecker.createLanguagesMenu() was fixed.
  • The spell checker dialog position is set relative to the visible rectangle and not the bounds rectangle.
  • A possible IllegalArgumentException which could occur with the context menu if the mouse pointer was not on a valid position was fixed.

Those are some of the enhancements. Please send feedback and requests to


You can download the library and the dictionaries from the Open Source hosting at


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