JDBC Driver Spring 2011 Update

Berlin, Mar 28, 2011

i-net software releases new minor versions of the JDBC Driver for Oracle and the remote JDBC Driver “Konnektor” along with a new major version of the JDBC Driver for MS-SQL.

All Driver Suites have been updated as well.

The update includes several bug-fixes as well the implementation of new features.

The following JDBC drivers have been updated. For further details, click on the driver name:

    • Add support for the new data types DATE, TIME, DATETIME2 and DATETIMEOFFSET of the SQL Server 2008. Now the driver returns the equivalent Java objects.
    • Improve support for java.util.Date together with PreparedStatements and updatable ResultSets.
    • Improve the speed for getGeneratedKeys together with PreparedStaments. Now it use server side prepare and no extra roundtrip to the database.
    • A rare freeze up problem was fixed.
  • Konnektor 2.16
    • Sockets are faster free to reduce the needed resources.
  • i-net Gate 2.17
  • i-net Gate3 2.17

You can download @PRODUCTRELEASE@ from our download area.

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