JDBC Driver Spring 2010 Update

Berlin, Apr 15, 2010

i-net software releases new minor versions of the JDBC drivers for Oracle and MS-SQL DBM systems. The remote JDBC driver has been updated too, as well as the driver suites.

The update includes several bug-fixes and further performance tweaks.

The following JDBC drivers have been updated. For further details, click on the driver name:

    • Fixed some bugs in ParameterMetaData.
    • Fixed a possible unnecessary cancel if an exception occurred on prepare or execute.
    • A wrong ResultSet type was returned if a fetch size was set on a forward-only ResultSet.
    • Fixed some bugs in setClientInfo(String,String) and optimized performance.
    • Removed the finalize() method from the Connection object.
    • Fix a hanging of the finalizer thread in SSLSocketImpl.close() if an SSL connection was lost and the default query timeout was unlimited.
    • Statement.RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS disabled server-side prepare to return the right values with triggers.
    • Fixed the very rare exception " //./pipe/sql/query (All pipe instances are busy)" on getConnection().
    • A bug in ResultSet.updateObject( x, Object ) with large strings and large byte arrays was fixed.
  • Konnekter 2.14
    • A memory leak on a exception on executeQuery() was fixed.
    • A very rare protocol violation could occur if a ResultSet was closed 2 times.
  • i-net GATE 2.15
  • i-net GATE3 2.15

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