JDBC Driver Autumn 2010 Update

Berlin, Oct 18, 2010

i-net software releases a new minor versions of the JDBC drivers for MS SQL and Oracle DBM systems as well as the remote JDBC driver “Konnekter” and the driver suites “Gate” and “Gate 3”.

The update includes several bug-fixes and further performance tweaks.

The following JDBC drivers have been updated. For further details, click on the driver name:

    • Statement.close() could produce a NPE on a running executeQuery() of the same statement if you set max rows or max field size. If the NPE occurred, max row size and/or max field size were not restored for the connection. The values affected all following calls of executeQuery() for this connection.
    • A very rare deadlock could occur if a prepared query needed 60 seconds and a second thread was running the same prepared query in this time.
    • An ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in executeBatch() with fastbatch=true was fixed. The exception occurred if you ran a transact SQL in the batch that did not produce an update count.
    • With SQL Server 2005 or higher, the first call of method rollback() did not work correctly if the transaction was already rolled back from the SQL Server after a deadlock detection. The result was that setAutoCommit(true) did not end the transaction. A second call to rollback() or commit() prevented problems.
    • A memory leak in the DTCProxy was fixed.
    • Long-running XA transactions were rolled back after 10 minutes under very rare conditions.
    • The property ignoreScale was added.
  • Konnekter 2.14
    • The class JavaCommand now saves the properties query timeout, fetch size, max rows and max field size which are set from the client.
  • i-net GATE 2.16
  • i-net GATE3 2.16

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