i-net PDFC - New Major Release 20

Berlin, Jun 11, 2020

i-net software proudly announces the release 20.4 of i-net PDFC. This release contains bug fixes and some new features like:

  • it is now possible to confirm verified differences to hide them in all output formats
  • many filters, like the multi-column and table detection filter, have been improved for better comparison results
  • a Translations Plugin was added so that it is possible to localize the user interface into more languages
  • Support for Java 14

For more information please refer to the release notes.

If you have any questions, please contact

As a side note, we're updating the versioning schema und pulling the version up to 20 this year. The jump is due to a consolidation of all our product parts which previously had different major versions. We're planning on bi-yearly spring and autumn releases.

We're still committed to releasing bugfixes and minor changes in between these bi-yearly releases.


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