i-net PDFC - New Major Release 6.0

Berlin, Apr 10, 2019

We proudly present the release of i-net PDFC 6.0, a major release with some new features and bugfixes.

The following features have been added / improved:

  • Java version 12 now supported
  • Plugin “Notifications” added for receiving status updates and error messages as well as optional recurring, configured messages
  • Plugin “UpdateCheck” added to regularly check for updates of the system. The Plugin also provides a maintenance module to manually check for updates and to control how often it should check for updates and to display the changes made since the installed version
  • Redis and MongoDB are now supported locations for the persistence of i-net PDFC
  • Cookie banner added to the web interface to indicate the use of cookies for the login

For more information please refer to the release notes.

If you have any questions, please contact


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