i-net PDFC - New Major Release 5.0

Berlin, Nov 06, 2018

We proudly present the release of i-net PDFC 5.0, a major release packed with a lot of new features.

The following features have been added / improved:

  • Java 11 supported
  • Users and Groups Manager added.
    • With the user manager it is possible to create and manage user accounts and groups.
  • Login improved:
    • Multiple authentication provider can be used at the same time
    • New authentication provider added: Google, GitBub, Facebook, Microsoft ADFS
    • i-net PDFC Login added. Users can add new user accounts which are stored in the persistence folder of i-net PDFC
  • OCR support and language detection
  • Export comparison report in XLSX
  • Diagnostics added
    • It contains the current Server Information, Logging etc.
    • Statistics now contains only statistical data about performance, load etc. that are captured during runtime
  • Different event logs added to the statistics to monitor the state of the system
  • Available as Docker container from (requires a Domain license, trial license available)

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