i-net JOrtho 1.0

Berlin, Mar 19, 2013

Our spell-checking library i-net JOrtho has been released with version 1.0

These are the changes for the 1.0 release:

  • The method SpellChecker.isDictionaryLoaded() was added.
  • The dictionary is now reloaded after deleting a word from the custom dictionary.
  • Reduced the temporary memory usage on loading a dictionary. For example for the current English dictionary memory usage reduced from 47 MB to 30 MB.
  • Fix a bug in the suggestion list where there are shorter words that start with the same characters.
  • Translation for Danish added.
  • Words ending with a period such as “etc.” are checked now.
  • Handle a colon like a period: the next word can start in upper case.
  • Add a tool for converting a plain txt file with words to a dictionary.
  • Dictionaries are searched in the classpath if there is no base URL.
  • Translations for Portuguese added.
  • Handle words with curly apostrophe (’) for the French wiktionary.
  • Added an “about” dialog.
  • Improved the parser for the Spanish dictionary.

i-net JOrtho can be downloaded from the SourceForge page


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