i-net Crystal-Clear 9.0 BETA Release

Berlin, Mar 11, 2009

Today the preview for the upcoming version 9.0 of i-net Crystal-Clear has been released. You are welcome to download the trial version and send your feedback to our staff.

Become a beta tester and download i-net Crystal-Clear 9.0 BETA now.

Excerpt of the Release Changes

There are a lot of changes in the upcoming release, giving a higher benefit then ever before. This is an excerpt of the release changes for the upcoming version i-net Crystal-Clear 9.0:

Remote Configuration Manager

The Remote Interface is a web based GUI for online administration of i-net Crystal-Clear. It allows you to manage the server configurations from any PC.

Improved Report File Format

Starting in version 9, i-net Crystal-Clear uses a zipped file format for the report templates (.rpt), similar to the OpenDocument zip file format. This new report file format enables features like the Report Preview.

New export formats: BMP, GIF, JPG and PNG

With version 9 it is supported to export an individual report page as an image. The following formats are supported: BMP, GIF (with at least Java 6 on the server), JPG and PNG. With the report URL parameters zoom, width, height and background it is also possible to configure the exported image. You can download i-net Crystal-Clear 9.0 BETA from our download area.


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