i-net Crystal-Clear 8.1 available

Berlin, Jul 16, 2008

i-net software proudly announces the release of i-net Crystal-Clear 8.1.

This version features important new security configuration abilities with which it is possible to limit both the allowed report locations and the users/groups that may execute reports.


With Report Locations you can limit the locations from which reports can be loaded for execution. Only reports from the given locations and their subfolders will be permitted to be executed.

With Report Permissions it is possible to set access rights for specific users or user roles. This requires the login information of the current user.

For more information about permissions please read the Security Guide.

Other new Features

Other features, bug fixes and improvements were made. For more details, see the Release Notes for Version 8.1 and the Migration Guide for upgrading from previous versions. Download

You can download release 8.1 from our download area.

For compatibility with Windows Vista UAC (User Access Control) we recommend to use the Windows Installation instead of the Multi-Platform Installation.


If you have any questions about this version or encounter any problems using i-net Crystal-Clear, please feel free to contact us.
We will be happy to assist you.


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