i-net Clear Reports - New Major Release 19.0

Berlin, Apr 10, 2019

i-net software proudly announces the new major release i-net Clear Reports 2019.

The following features have been added / improved:

  • Java version 12 now supported
  • Plugin “Notifications” added for receiving status updates and error messages as well as optional recurring, configured messages
  • Plugin “UpdateCheck” added to regularly check for updates of the system. The Plugin also provides a maintenance module to manually check for updates and to control how often it should check for updates and to display the changes made since the installed version
  • Redis and MongoDB are now supported locations for the persistence of i-net Clear Reports
  • Cookie banner added to the web interface to indicate the use of cookies for the login
  • Event Log views added to Statistics app in report server web interface

For more information please refer to the release notes.

If you have any questions, please contact


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