i-net Clear Reports 2013

Berlin, Jun 17, 2013

i-net software proudly announces the release of i-net Clear Reports 2013.

The following features have been added:

  • Embedding of HTML, PDF and SVG documents in the report supported
  • PDF export:
    • It is now supported to add formula fields, like text field, checkbox, button or list to an exported PDF file.
    • PDF tags supported. They are useful for screenreaders.
    • Creation Web optimized PDF files supported.
  • Hierarchical grouping is now being displayed in the HTML report viewer.
  • Interactive Sorting added (Java Viewer and HTML-Online Viewer)
  • Default implementation of a .Net Report Viewer added to the sample

In addition, HTML is now the default report viewer and a lot of bugs has been fixed. For more information please refer to the Release Notes.

For more information about changes in this major release, please have a look at the major changes document.


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