Order Online - General Instructions and Payment Information

  • If you want new licenses please select “Products”.
  • If you need to update an existing product please select “Updates”.
  • If you need to renew Services like Update Subscriptions or Premium Support please select “Renewal”.

You can order our software online in our Online Store. You pay by credit card. The software will be sent out to an e-mail address provided by you immediately after the payment has been received. Payment will be processed by a Secure Payment Service Provider.

Credit Cards

VISA and Mastercard credit cards are welcome.

Immediately after the transaction you can print your receipt online from our web-site.

Purchase Orders

In case you do not want to order online you can also place your purchase order by sending it as a PDF-document to sales@inetsoftware.de or by mail to:

i-net software GmbH
Sales Department
Friedrichstrasse 231
10969 Berlin

Immediately after we received your purchase order you will be provided with an interim license which will be sent out to the e-mail address specified by you and an invoice as PDF file for payment.

The permanent license will be sent out after your payment has been received. You can arrange for payment by sending a check to the address mentioned above or via direct bank transfer. The invoice will include all details needed.

If you have any questions concerning our Online Store or you need any assistance please contact sales@inetsoftware.de. We will be happy to assist you.


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