i-net OPTA

Discontinued and replaced by i-net MERLIA

JDBC 2.0 + Optional Package driver for MS SQL Server

i-net OPTA supports the popular JDBC 2.0 API and the Optional Package API.

The JDBC 2.0 API implements Scrollable and Updateable ResultSets. For example, with this API you can already request auto generated values after an INSERT.

The Optional Package is required for many Application Servers. i-net OPTA also has an interface for Distributed Transactions (XA transactions) and also supports Connection Pooling, Statement Pooling, RowSets and many other features.

Short Description

Java Version: 1.2 or higher
JDBC API Level: 2.0 + Optional Package
Driver Type: 4
Supported DBMS: MS SQL Server 6.5 - 2016 with all Service Packs (32 bit / 64 bit)
Sun Certificate for J2EE 1.2: Yes

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