SqlStates from the drivers i-net UNA, i-net SPRINTA, i-net OPTA and i-net MERLIA

SqlState Vendor Code Description
01000 General error.
01001532,10095Cursor update or delete failure due to optimistic concurrency check failure.
010038153Elimination of null values by set operator (warning).
08S01 Communication link failure
21000512Singleton select returns more than one row, or sub query preceded by = returns more than one value.
21S01109,110INSERT statement processed, incorrect number of values supplied
220018152String data truncated (on right) on insert or update.
22003168,220,232,234, 236-238,244, 246,248,519-524, 535,8115, 10015Arithmetic overflow error.
22005206,235,245,247,249, 256,257,305,409,518, 529Data type conversion error.
22008210,211,241,242,295, 296,517Data type conversion error.
220128134Divide by zero error.
220191010, 506Invalid escape character.
22025310Invalid escape sequence, for example, escape char not followed by %, _, or escape char.
23000233,272,273,515,530, 547,1505,1508,2601, 2615,2626,2627,3604, 3605Constraint violation.
2400016929ResultSet is read only.
25000266,277,611,628,3902, 3903,3906,3908,6401Transaction state error.
2800018456Invalid authorization identifier
37000102,105,156,170,2715,2812,4145Syntax error
400001205,1211,2625, 3309,7112Transaction rollback due to deadlock.
42000213,229, 230,260,8118,8119,8121Syntax error, permission violation, or other nonspecific error.
44000550View with check option violation.
IM001 Driver does not support this function
S0002208Table or view not found
S0022207Column name does not exist
S1T00 Timeout

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