How to install i-net OPTA in IBM WebSphere 3.5 to connect to the MS SQL Server

Because currently WebSphere does not support XA datasources with third party drivers you can use this sample with all of i-net software's MS SQL Server drivers (i.e., i-net UNA, i-net SPRINTA, i-net OPTA, and i-net MERLIA).

IBM Server Configuration

  1. Click on Console → Tasks → Create a DataSource and add the driver and the datasource in the following dialogs:
    Create DataSource
  2. In the first dialog select “Create and install a new JDBC driver”
  3. In the following dialog configure the driver. The URL prefix must only include JDBC, colon and the JDBC subprotocol.
  4. In the next dialog select the current host and click browse to select the driver jar file.
  5. In the DataSource dialog enter the values of the DataSource. The name should be without the prefix “jdbc/”. WebSphere sets this internally. In Database field you set the second part of the JDBC URL. WebSphere generates the final JDBC URL from  the URL prefix and the Database Name with a colon.

EJB Application Configuration

  1. Open the Default Container and click on the right to create a new enterprise bean.
  2. Use the following code to locate the datasource:
    InitialContect ic = new InitialContext();
    DataSource ds = ic.lookup("jdbc/tdsDS");

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