How to use the i-net MS SQL Driver with BEA WebLogic Server 8.0

  1. Copy the driver jar file (for example merlia.jar) to the Server.
  2. Add the driver jar file to the class path of the start script and restart the WebLogic Server.
  3. Start the console of the WebLogic Server with a shortcut or in the browser with: http://localhost:7001/console/
  4. Open JDBC Connection Pools and click on 'Configure a new JDBC Connection Pool…'
  5. Choose the Database Type and the Database Driver like this:
  6. Then click on 'Continue'
  7. Now enter your system specific settings for your database like this:
  8. Click on 'Continue'
  9. Change the properties like this:
  10. Click on 'Test Driver Configuration'
  11. If everything is correct the next screen looks like this:
  12. Click on 'Create and deploy' . Now you have create the connection pool. To use the connection pool you need a data source.
  13. Click on 'Data Sources' and click 'Configure a new JDBC Data Source'
  14. Enter a name and the JNDI name like this:
  15. Click on 'Continue'
  16. Choose the previous created connection pool and click on 'Continue'
  17. Choose the target for the data source and click on 'Create'

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