Add the i-net UNA JDBC driver and i-net SPRINTA JDBC driver to the environment of Visual Café 3.0 Database Edition

  1. Add the driver classes to the Internal VM class path. Open the menu “Tools | Environment Options” and select the the tab “Internal VM”. Click on the “New..” button and select the zip file that the driver classes contains.
  2. After you added the class files restart Visual Café 3.0.
  3. In the “Insert Datasource” dialog box (i.e. in the Add Table Wizard) click the “Add Driver” button.
    Insert Datasource
  4. In the following “Add Third Party Driver” dialog box enter the classname of the driver and click Add.
    Add Third Party Driver
  5. In the “Insert Datasource” dialog box enter the subprotocol and the subname.
    Insert Datasource
  6. In the login dialog deselect the option “Only show items owned by this user”.
    User Login

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