How to create a JDBC Data Source with JRun 3.0 to connect to MS SQL Server

The application server JRun 3.0 does not implement vendor data sources or distributed transactions. That's why you can only use the Data Source from JRun 3.0.

  1. Copy the Opta.jar file to {jrun.rootdir}/lib/ext. If you use another location then you need to add this to the class path.
  2. In the JRun Application Management Console select the node “JDBC Data Sources”.
  3. Click on the edit button.
  4. In the new window type the following data:
  5. Click the Update Button.
  6. Click on the Test Button.


Message “No valid JDBC driver was specified.”

  • The driver can't register in the DriverManager. This can occur when
  • The driver is not in the class path of the Server. You did not restart the server after copying the driver in the class path. You have a typo in the class name of the driver.

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