What are the differences between PoolManager i-net PLEXA and the pooled driver?

Product: JDBC Driver
Date: Oct 29, 2008

There are no major differences in performance or features. The API used is in general a matter of taste. Both solutions are for standalone applications. In an application server you should use the feature of the application server.

Pooled Driver i-net PLEXA™
- The driver creates a new ConnectionPoolDataSource every time + You can create a static global ConnectionPoolDataSource.
+ You can use it with an existing Application. You only need to change the JDBC URL. - In an existing application you need to change the getConnection() calls.
- If you use another driver (other than i-net software) then you must register both drivers. + The ConnectionPoolDataSource of the driver registers the required drivers automatically. You do not need to register any drivers.
- You only use one instance of i-net PLEXA™ (default instance).
(This does not mean not multiple pools)
+ You can create multiple instances of i-net PLEXA™.
(This does not mean multiple pools)
+ You can remove the pooling very simple. You only need to change the JDBC URL. - You must modify your program. For example to change to a non-pooled DataSource.

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