What kind of product is i-net Konnekter?

What kind of product is i-net KONNEKTER?

Product: i-net Konnekter
Date: Oct 29, 2008

  • It is completely written in Java on both sides (client and server).
  • It is a bridge that allows remote access to JDBC drivers.
  • It is a client/server JDBC driver.
  • It is a database remote access interface.
  • It is a proxy to the JDBC driver over the internet.
  • It is a gateway to the JDBC driver on the server.
  • It is much  faster than RmiJdbc because it was exclusively designed for a JDBC remote access.
  • It is platform independent on server and client site because it is written completely in Java (you can create a 100% pure Java Solution with it).
  • It is a database server if you use file databases like MS ACCESS.

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