Words from our Customers

Please take a look at some words of our customers, taken from our newsgroups and e-mail traffic, if you want to get an impression of our work at i-net software. Thank you!
We appreciate your comments, too!

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“Congratulations for the very intuitive i-net DesignerXML user interface! My company is currently looking for an easy-to-use interface that would suit non-technical people (like myself). I have found it very easy to use for the designs we would need. Besides, the ability to easily plug-in any Java Beans on top of the XML Designer is very handy.”

Alexandra Ipate

Sundar Narayanasamy

… its an excellent newsgroup and the JDBC driver is so simple to use unlike some of the others I have tried. Keep up the great work.


Sundar Narayanasamy

Solstice Inc

“I would like to congratulate everyone at I-NET who has been involved with the development of your JDBC driver for MS SQL. I have had the software installed now for 5 months, in a 24 hour, 7 day a week production environment. I don't know if your customer service is any good because I have had no need to find out. The software has worked perfectly from the very beginning. It is fast and so far flawless.
It is a real joy to use a piece of software that works so well. Thanks again I-NET we at Solstice, as well as our customers it really appreciate your excellent work.”

Bill Piepmeyer
Solstice Inc.

Norsoft Inc.

“Thanks a million… I was REALLY hoping that I could use your driver…
It is definitely the best I have seen to date…

Thanks again,”

Jeffrey Hood,
Senior Analyst,
Norsoft Inc.


“Hello i-net software
I've bought the inet driver in january and I'd like to thank you for your very stable product.”



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