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i-net CoWork 24.4.256
Fast and secure conversations using a dedicated messaging server.
Server Debian / UbuntuJun 10, 2024166 MBSHA1: B1050909C51902FD9D5CFE1B3DE1222E6CBDFED8
Server Linux (RPM)Jun 10, 2024166 MBSHA1: 372D0A478E90BF0D5A8455B00BEB50892FA6E985
Server macOS (Apple Chip)Jun 10, 2024164 MBSHA1: 18434E6DE59B5744000DE5B00BA7AFBE3EBF7A6D
Server macOS (Intel Chip)Jun 10, 2024165 MBSHA1: 93D1696E0316BD7FDF3F0A6CF54E3532706FB158
Server WindowsJun 10, 2024168 MBSHA1: DCF80E691809D666A76EF7911714AD8CB6F24981
Dependency Check report of the release, created using OWASP. The archive contains various formats, including a suppression file that was used during the check.
Dependency SecurityJun 10, 2024612 KBSHA1: AF18085F5D5DB1BBDE03E9D25B78CC4545645FCD
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