i-net GATE

JDBC 2.0 + Optional package Driver Suite

The product i-net GATE is a JDBC-suite that is made up of i-net software's superior JDBC 2.0 flagships. Please note: i-net OPTA and i-net SEROPTO are J2EE certified!

Short Description

Latest Driver Release: 2.26
Last Update: Mar 22, 2017
Java Version: 1.2 or higher
JDBC API Level: 2.0 + Optional Package
Driver Type: 4
Supported DBMS: MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Plain Text, Remote JDBC
Download Size: 1.58 MB
Driver Size: 770 KB
Sun Certificate for J2EE: i-net OPTA and i-net SEROPTO

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