i-net JDBC Drivers for Sybase Server

i-net software offers a full range of JDBC drivers for Sybase Database Servers. From this product line you can pick the driver that fits your requirements best. All Sybase drivers are JDBC type 4 drivers, i.e., the drivers are completely written in Java and can be deployed on every platform.

i-net drivers have no extra API, all features were implemented complying with the standard JDBC API, therefore, it is very straightforward to generate an application accessing different DBMS without changing the code! This also makes sure i-net drivers can be easily used in third party tools.

Which driver edition should I use?

The choice of the right JDBC driver depends on the Java version of your system.

Why should you go for a Sybase driver from i-net software?

  • It is fast compared with other drivers i-net drivers are up to 3 times faster.
  • It is small. The sizes of our drivers are between 90 KB to 200KB. By comparison, Sybase's driver is over 1 MB in size.
  • It is very stable. Find out by yourself about the stability of other vendors' drivers - and compare!
  • It is thread safe. This is a MUST for developers working with multiple threads!
  • It strictly complies with JDBC.

If you have any questions please contact our support teams.


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