JDBC 1.22 driver for Plain Text (CSV)

i-net FOSITEX is a JDBC type 4 driver for simple text. It enables Java-programmers to use a platform independent simple plain text database without any configuration necessary on side of your customer.

  • It is a JDBC text driver (CSV files or fixed length files).
  • It is backward compliant to the Microsoft ODBC text driver.
  • It is platform independent.
  • It supports read and write operations.
  • It supports Unicode.
  • It supports most of ANSI 92 grammar like CREATE TABLE, DROP TABLE, INSERT INTO, UPDATE, SELECT, etc.
  • It supports multiple tables and aliases in a single SELECT.

Short Description

Latest driver release: 1.19
Last update: Oct 26, 2011
Java Version: 1.1 or higher
JDBC API Level: 1.22
Driver Type: 4
Supported DBMS: Plain Text files, CSV
Download Size: 102 KB
Driver Size: 66 KB

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