i-net ENTWO2

JDBC 2.0 driver for DB2 Server

Compared to other DB2 Server drivers from i-net software (e.g., ENTWO3 and ENTWO2Plus), i-net ENTWO2 is a very good compromise between implemented JDBC API, supported Java VM's and driver file size.

i-net ENTWO2 supports the popular JDBC 2.0 API for Scrollable and Updatable ResultSets. With this API you can already request auto generated values after an INSERT.

i-net ENTWO2 can be used with most Java VM's (except Microsoft Java VM).

Short Description

Latest Driver Release: 1.10
Last Update: Oct 05, 2009
Java Version: 1.2 or higher
JDBC API Level: 2.0
Driver Type: 4
Supported DBMS: Oracle Server 8 - 10
Download Size: 219 KB
Driver Size: 190 KB

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