Pricing & Licensing

The pricing for i-net Clear Reports depends on the way the server is going to be used. i-net software offers different license types, from Single Server license to multisite licenses. Each of them comes with the i-net Designer free of charge. The prices can be found in the store.

To get more pricing information for your use case - or if you have any other questions about pricing or licensing please contact our sales team. They will be happy to assist you and can help to find the best way to license i-net Clear Reports for your deployment scenario.

Get started with a Trial License

You can download a trial version and evaluate it 90 days for free. During the installation you will be asked for a license key.

This key can be created via the setup or you can get a free trial license key from the web site.

License Overview


This is an overview of the available i-net Clear Reports licenses. If you like to test the product, you can also generate a trial license key. If you have any more questions about pricing / licensing, or if you need additional information please contact our sales team. They will be happy to assist you.

For a feature comparison see the editions comparison.

If you want to learn about the release cycles of i-net Clear Reports, please take a look at this site.

Designer License

i-net Designer License is free of charge and allows the usage of i-net Designer - the free report designer program for an unlimited number of users without additional fees.

This license is only applicable for customers who have purchased i-net Clear Reports.

Single Server License

The Single Server license is intended for customers who require to use the program materials but do not intend to re-distribute products containing or embodying the program materials. With this license i-net Clear Reports can be used over the Internet and Intranet for an unlimited number of users without additional fees for clients! The i-net Clear Reports Single Server license may only be used on a single server.

Pricing information for Single Server licenses are available in our online store.

Site License

The Site License allows an unlimited usage of i-net Clear Reports within one site (one location) of a company/organisation.

Enterprise License

The Enterprise License allows an unlimited worldwide deployment of i-net Clear Reports within one company/organisation.

OEM License

For software vendors we offer OEM licenses that allow the integration of i-net Clear Reports into an own application and the redistribution of this application including i-net Clear Reports to customers. Depending on the volume there are different licensing models available.

If you need just a few licenses you can go for a license pool like the OEM license 10. With this license pool you can distribute i-net Clear Reports up to 'n' times (e.g., up to 10 times) with your application.

If you have large volumes you can go for the “1 Year OEM License unlimited” which grants you the right to sell as many OEM licenses - bundled with your product - as needed without counting. After one year you can decide if you would like to renew the agreement or if you would like to stop redistributing our software. Of course, this agreement can also be signed over a two or three year period. This license includes both Premium Support and Update Subscription Service at no additional charge.


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