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i-net Clear Reports for Android

i-net Clear Reports for Android1) is a light weight repository browser for the i-net Clear Reports Server. It lets you go through your repositories, execute report files and see their details.

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Start screen without custom repositories Settings screen Detail screen of sample report

Requirements to meet

That is what you will need to have in order to run i-net Clear Reports mobile:

  • Android device with Android version 1.6+
  • an internet connection (WiFi or UMTS) to connect to a repository server

The application itself runs without having a reporting server of your own - but you'll then be limited to the demo server. To run your own reports using this application you will also need:

i-net Clear Reports for Android will be restricted to display and execute reports in the same way the Online Designer or the Repository Interface are. Please make sure to have the permissions set accordingly.

What does it do for you?

  • List all your repositories - or the one you have, but with different login credentials
  • Browse repositories, see what is in them and execute the reports. The result will be presented back to you as JPEG file
  • Show details of your report files - when was it modified, which permissions do you have and where was it stored again?

Features we think about

These are a few things we will implement next:

  • Send reports via email to your colleagues
  • Save reports as PDF to your SD card for use with other apps

Features you think about

We want you to leverage as much from your reports as possible. We also think that you should have access to your reporting server in as many ways you can imagine. If you think there is something missing right now, just leave us a comment on our feedback page or give us a mail.

Other mobile platforms

i-net Clear Reports is available for the major two mobile device platforms Android OS and iOS.

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