Written Guides

In these guides you can read more about the first steps with i-net Designer, the basic concepts of i-net Clear Reports, the Visual Database Wizard, grouping and sorting of data, custom-fit the viewer to your specific needs and more.

  • Ad Hoc Reporting guide describes how configure an i-net Clear Reports server to run an Ad Hoc Reporting, how to create the layouts and data source files for the users and gives you an introduction on how to modify the user interface of the Ad Hoc Reporting web front-end.
  • Corporate Design guide describes the various options to customize the visualization of i-net Clear Reports remote GUI applications.
  • Database Wizard guide will assist you in understanding and making the most of all that the Visual Database Wizard has to offer, by leading you step by step through each of the available features.
  • Feature description of the functionalities i-net Clear Reports offers in the different output formats.
  • Font guide describes the possibilities i-net Clear Reports offers to avoid font problems.
  • Getting Started guide describes the first steps after installation of i-net Designer and it describes how you can create your first report with and without a database connection.
  • Grouping and Sorting guide will show the various possibilities i-net Clear Reports offers when it comes to sorting and grouping data: Various sort orders, group name fields and formulas, and hierarchical grouping will be explained using various simple and more complex examples.
  • Internationalization guide will show which parts of a report can be localized and the ways this localization can be accomplished.
  • Migration Guide to version 17.X describes the various things to know when migrating to version 17.x of i-net Clear Reports. It includes previous Migration Guides as well.
  • Repository guide describes the administration and usage of the report repository.
  • Security guide describes the security settings (Report Permissions and Report Locations) of i-net Clear Reports.
  • Java Viewer Programming guide with practical ways about how simple it is to use the Viewer's API to custom-fit the viewer to your specific needs, e.g. embed it in your own Java application, print on the server side, customize the viewer tool bar etc.
  • .NET Programming guide describes the possibilities to embed the report rendering and printing into your existing .NET application.
  • .NET Viewer guide describes the possibilities to use the .NET Viewer example to show your reports.

Release Notes

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