JGSitemap - a Java Generator for the Google Sitemap

With this Java tool you can crawl a website and create a file that can be used as a Google Sitemap. This is the recommended solution for websites with dynamic and static context. Click to test it now.


  • Crawling of a website.
  • Compressed and not compressed Google Sitemap files.
  • Creating of Thumbshots (optional).

Future Features

  • Running as automated Job
  • Deploying the sitemap to a web server via FTP and HTTP.
  • public API for integration in other applications.


  • What is a Google Sitemap? Please see the description on the Google Website.
  • Why it is written in Java? Java is the language available on most computers. Because Java is a plug-in of most browsers it is virtually available on every system where there is a browser.
  • Where can I get support? Support is available via e-mail.

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