Site Export

Site Export is an admin plugin that offers a convenient way to download your dokuwiki site as a standalone version. It cycles through your namespaces - a starting point can be given at run-time - and packs the result into a zip file.

The result can be unpacked at any place and viewed without having an internet connection. That makes the plugin perfect for providing static documentation to customers on a CD or DVD.

Attention: You have to have the zip compression library of your php installation activated.

Export Options

Option in admin-menu Description
Set Namespace Namespace or Page to export
Parent Namespace to export Namespace for relative links. Kind of the root directory
Export Type This page only: only exports this one page
All subnamespaces: Exports recursively from the starting namespace to the very end
Specified Depth: Exports recursively, but only into a maximum depth that can be defined
Export Absolute Paths will insert absolute, instead of relative, paths. These will include the whole namespace hierarchy

Eclipse Help / JavaHelp Output

The two output options in the admin menu are for exporting an Eclipse Help or JavaHelp documentation. Using this option the Site Export will return a zip file containing another zip file called as well as a toc.xml. These files can directly copied into your Eclipse Plugins root directory.

This output option does also create a context.xml - file - this allows to connect your Eclipse views with the help. To use it, you have to install the meta plugin and add a meta reference:

~~META:context id = %YOURCONTEXTID%~~

The context ID will be used the define the views. Site Export automatically puts the title, descriptions abstract and related documents (all linked wiki pages) as topics.

You will have to link the toc.xml and context.xml in your Eclipse Plugins plugin.xml et voilà: you have a standalone Eclipse Help which has been generated using DokuWiki.

Attention: Disable export absolute paths in the Site Export admin menu.

Exporting with a predefined TOC

The Site Export plugin has a syntax component with a simple tag for user defined exporting structures:

<toc $OPTIONS$>
  * here
    * goes
    * your
  * Table
    * of
      * Content

With the opening and closing tags you have to define a list. The level of the list elements will be used as levels in an exported toc.xml, e.g for the JavaHelp export.

Attention: In this case the TOC has to reside in a page named toc


The following options can be defined at the $OPTIONS$ position to use the TOC in other ways:

Option Behavior
notoc hide the user defined TOC in the document
description display the description abstract below of the linked page below the link (usefull together with:
~~META:description abstract=This is my abstract.~~)
merge this will merge all the defined documents from the TOc into the current document.

Hint: If you want to use the TOC this way, the page name does not matter.

Merging Documents

For an export of many pages within one document you can use the TOC options merge. This will generate a page with all the defined pages on the defined order.

This is the first step to publish documents either as PDF or ODT using many single DokuWiki pages in one document.

Export with another Template

Site Export can use another template than the current one to export your pages. The option will appear in the admin menu if available.

Attention: To use this feature, the plugin has to create / modify the inc/preload.php file and add a call to the plugins template definition functions. Therefore the inc folder of your DokuWiki installation has to have write permissions for the webserver - at least for the first opening of the Site Export admin page.

Attention: This feature can only be used with the current development release. Using an older version can pretend to have this feature, but it won't work.

Know Issues

  • Site Export can only export pages without login. Restricted pages are not supported.
  • It is recommended to use nice URLs with .htaccess so that the output has a good structure (there may be other caveats without nice URLs too) - may be fixed by version 2009-05-22.


Version Requirement
2013-09-4 “Rincewind”
2011-03-02 see previous
2010-09-03 see previous
2010-03-11 see previous
2010-02-17 see previous
2010-02-01 see previous
2009-09-29 see previous
2009-09-02 see previous
2009-08-12 DokuWiki Stable as of Version
zip compression library

See Previous Versions

Latest Changes

  • 2012-01-19:
    • PDF Export with a renderer of its own - using dw2pdf plugin
    • add custom options
    • save a task - use it as cronjob (needs permissions on the server)
    • many more improvements
  • 2010-08-27:
    • improved error logging and debugging options via logfile and for the GUI
    • several error corrections in JS and export mechanism (e.g. detail pages)
  • 2010-04-16:
    • allow multiple codeblocks per page to be exported
    • allow multiple codeblocks in pages of same namespace
  • 2010-02-17:
    • fixed the rewrite for external media
  • 2009-10-22:
    • added translations (german)
    • fixed a bug with the generation of the direct download url
  • 2009-09-02:
    • miniAJAX plugin not needed any more
    • user defined TOCs
    • merge documents via the user TOC
    • export JavaHelp toc.xml and content.xml
    • bugfixes


If you need help or have suggestions on how to improve this plugin, feel free to contact us.


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