i-net PDFC


  • AdoptOpenJDK updated to version 11.0.3
  • Cloud providers like AWS, Jelastic, Heroku supported
  • Comparison of DOCX files created with Microsoft Word 2019 supported
  • You can now extract and copy the report template “PDFCreport.rpt” from “PDFC.jarcominetpdfcpresenter” to “report/PDFCreport.rpt” in the folder “programdata/i-net software/pdfc-System_i-net PDFC” or “programdata/i-net software/pdfc-User_i-net PDFC” and personalize the report
  • Tesseract 4.x supported, earlier versions supported 4.0 only

i-net PDFC Server

New Features / Improvements

  • A restart in the server interface triggers a restart of all nodes if database persistence (MongoDb, Redis) is used
  • Event log contains a “node” column if it runs with database persistence (MongoDb, Redis)
  • Let's Encrypt certificate requests now work with multiple server and database persistence
  • Type1CFont use now a mapping because of difference: Text “–“ was replaced by “+-“

Fixed Bugs

  • Configuration data lost if MongoDB was used for persistence with multiple i-net PDFC server instances
  • Synchronization of cached user data, groups, task planner, maintenance data between multiple nodes was incorrect if using database persistence (MongoDb, Redis)

i-net PDFC Runtime / Parser / Comparison

New Features / Improvements

  • Improvement of the differences accumulation - the comparer will no longer return ambiguous groups in case of repeating content
  • Improved comparison of subscript and superscript text. This reduces false positives due to mixed baselines in tables
  • Improved support for layers (Optional Content Groups) - covers shapes and images now as well
  • New text comparison features to detect changes in stylistic spaces and line breaks
  • Added a fallback for the windows tesseract plugin for the case that both tesseract engines didn't work
  • Tesseract plugin: error handling and documentationn improved, OCR sample added to the .NET samples in the SDK
  • White space detection in case of ambiguous kerning data improved

Fixed Bugs

  • There was a random missing image in columns detected by the 'Multi column' filter
  • Placeholders in error message “Tesseract couldnt find the language file {0} in path {1}.” were not replaced
  • Detection of styles and naming for custom Type1C fonts was incorrect
  • NoSuchElementException occurred in the continuous difference generator

i-net PDFC Desktop Application

Fixed Bugs

  • Default Preview size was wrong

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