i-net PDFC


  • Multiple issues with the Java 9 release candidate occurred
  • Support for custom i18n support for plugins added

i-net PDFC Server

Fixed Bugs

  • No cipher suite error with HTTPS connections occurred
  • The web API redirect to the web application now creates preview images as well and will no longer cause an additional inactive user to be displayed
  • It was possible to override comparison profil by switch to profile editing

i-net PDFC Runtime / Parser / Comparison

New Features

  • New filter “Optimize Basic Tables” to greatly improve the comparison of tables with visual borders
    • Supports merged cells
    • Supports repeating table headers
    • Is inactive by default, has to be activated by using a custom comparison profile
  • New command line switch “exportOnlyOnDifferences” to export PDFs only in case of differences

Changed Behavior

  • Differences are now joined per text line, creating a much more compact and readable result
  • The JAR file inetslf4j.jar was renamed into inetloggeradapter.jar. It also contains an adapter for Commons Logging
  • Optimized multiple column filter: text in drawings or fragmented page layouts will not longer be mistaken for separate columns
  • Page alignment when printing 'scale to fit page' with 'collapse equal pages' improved

Fixed Bugs

  • Several minor fixes and improvements for Shape normalization, Line merging and matching
  • Some special characters have been displayed incorrect
  • java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 37 - occurred
  • java.lang.IllegalArgumentException occurred because of wrong end parameter
  • Incorrectly detected word breaks due to ligatures occurred. Tolerance for overlapping characters in the same word increased
  • Solved IndexOutOfBoundsException in the header&footer filter that could occur for 4-page documents
  • Overlapping and redundant text chunks
  • IllegalArgumentException: Keyframe fractions must be increasing: 1.0
  • Incorrectly located differences marker for overlines
  • Some texts written with Type 3 fonts were not displayed
  • Some comparisons terminated if a lot of huge PDF files compared in a batch job
  • Clipping error that was caused by subscript or superscript text
  • Some diacritical marks (akut and grave) were mistaken
  • IllegalArgumentException: invalid key length: 128 for algorithm version 1 - occurred. No exception will be thrown in the case of contradictory encryption parameters
  • Difference occurred because one of the compared PDF files contains the same text multiple times on top of each other
  • Because of wrong spacing in CJK text chunks, it could occur that Chinese text was marked as different although it is the same text
  • Clip/alignment of italic right aligned text with a large italic angle was incorrect
  • Another whitespace detection issue occurred

i-net PDFC Desktop Application

Fixed Bugs

  • Tooltip for header/footer slider was not displayed

i-net PDFC SDK

Fixed Bugs

  • Image information where lost if the .NET API was used. Instead of the image a Black area was displayed

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