i-net PDFC

i-net PDFC Server

New Features / Improvements

  • New Feature TaskPlanner: This feature can be used to schedule comparisons and save or send the results
    • New remote/web module and plugin
    • Operable per user if TaskPlanner permissions are granted
    • Supports single and batch comparisons
    • Results can be stored to the file system, to the persistence or sent by email
    • Extendable by plugins
    • Can be triggered by web API

i-net PDFC Runtime / Parser / Comparison

New Features / Improvements

  • The class com.inet.pdfc.results.ResultModel now implements the Closable interface. We highly recommend to call close the instance as soon as the result is processed. This will prevent the backing store to proceed swapping the document data and clear all resource immediately

Changed Behavior

  • The class com.inet.pdfc.config.PdfSource no longer exposes the method getContent(). Since the PdfSource classes has to be Serializable, it cannot provide access to the actual content as the content may no longer be available after deserialization. It's generally discouraged to access the document model directly. But if required, please use the readDocument() method if the com.inet.pdfc.plugin.DocumentReader class instead. Please note that the document model itself is not public API and may be modified in future versions
  • The constructor ExceptionData( Throwable ) in class com.inet.pdfc.error.ExceptionData was removed
  • Tolerance for splitted images added to prevent false image replacement differences
  • White space detection improved in case of customized word spacing
  • Setting a Server or Plus license with admin privileges will now activate these licenses for all user accounts on the system. This restores the version 3 behavior for such license types
  • Properties of Presenters are now defined via a com.inet.pdfc.config.Settings instance instead of dedicated setters. This generalizes the configuration of all presenter types
  • Removed com.inet.pdfc.results.diffimage.FileDiffImageWriter and com.inet.pdfc.results.diffimage.IDiffImageWriter since they were deprecated as of version 3 and no longer in use

Fixed Bugs

  • Because of an tolerance error during difference calculation the following error occurred: The line 'line(xxx)' has been modified: Shape fill color was changed from '(xxx, xxx, xxx)' to '(xxx, xxx, xxx)
  • Image background was displayed in reverse color in PDF comparison result file
  • java.util.EmptyStackException occurred due to missing start of Marked Content
  • “Unknown command: PS” exception occurred
  • Some currency characters could not be recognized
  • Wrong font color comparison results occurred
  • IllegalArgumentException: Raster ByteInterleavedRaster: width = 1024 height = 1024 #numDataElements 1 dataOff[0] = 0 is incompatible with ColorModel
  • UnsupportedOperationException: shading type 4 with function attribute is not supported
  • Encoding for buildin fonts was incorrect
  • Arabic characters in the exported comparison result file not readable because images for character glyphs have used inverted colors
  • Invalid differences due to incorrectly merged line shapes
  • IndexOutOfBoundsException in PDFDrawTextCmds occurred
  • Some characters could not be displayed because of not embedded fonts
  • Differences in ImageMask objects not found, e.g. in signatures
  • Outlines of some characters was incorrect
  • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException occurred due to empty text
  • Characters in composite font have not been displayed due to errors in unicode mapping
  • IllegalArgumentException: Radius must be greater than zero - occurred because of special case of radial shading
  • UnsupportedOperationException: ps command: div occurred
  • The following difference could occur with one page PDF files: “the page ‘page #1’ was added”
  • Additional differences with Chinese characters occurred
  • Rotated PDF files are sometimes not displayed correctly
  • Line swapping detection was wrong

i-net PDFC Desktop Application

New Features / Improvements

  • It is now easy to change the color of difference markers for PDF documents in the Visibilities tab. Also the color of the blue difference markers between the PDF documents can be changed or they can be disabled
  • It is now possible to disable the “Comments” in the PDF export of the comparison result
  • It is now possible to enable/disable the header/footer filter in the Visibilities tab of the Desktop application

i-net PDFC SDK

New Features / Improvements

  • Command line switch “exportOnlyOnDifferences” added. If it is set, then the PDF comparison result file will be created only in case of differences

Fixed Bugs

  • The service scripts from the SDK have been renamed to represent their action, e.g. startRecovery.sh
  • The 'differences' folder creation in batch mode on slow drives could result in missing result files if multiple comparison result files should be written at the same time

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