i-net PDFC


  • New webserver application to compare documents online and view the result using various interfaces
  • Migrated to plugin architecture, enabling custom filters and dynamic support for different file formats

i-net PDFC Server

New Features / Improvements

  • Web GUI application
    • The i-net PDFC web application can be used to compare PDF and text files online. It's features and visualization are similar to the desktop application
    • Supports all comparison features of i-net PDFC as well as the PDF export
    • Comparisons can be stored and published
  • The Web API component is a REST-ful interface to execute and manage comparisons and configurations
    • Can execute comparisons and return the result in different formats with a singe HTTP request
    • Supports all comparison and management features of the WebGUI
    • Can access and manage the comparison of the WebGUI
  • JUnit test client - a slim client library to compare and verify documents using an i-net PDFC server in the local network
  • Configuration plugin - to configure all server features, permissions and user settings remotely
  • Statistics plugin - a plugin to monitor the server status and manage the executed compare jobs
  • Maintenance plugin - an extension to backup & restore the server state as well as cleaning the user storages

i-net PDFC Runtime / Parser / Comparison

New Features / Improvements

  • Full support for right-to-left writing context (e.g. Arabic)
  • Document synchronization was completely overhauled. This affects the interactive GUIs as well as the PDF export. It greatly improves the alignment of differences
  • Improved PDF export, reduces the filesize
  • New API methods to get the page numbers for differences
  • Streamlined comparison pipeline - resulting in a smaller memory requirement and a more responsive comparison
  • New text parser plugin to compare any type of text files, can be compared to PDF documents as well

Changed Behavior

  • The configuration keys MODULES, CONTINUOUS_COMPARE_TYPES are deprecated and replaced by COMPARE_TYPES
  • The configuration keys NORMALIZERS, CONTINUOUS_FILTERS are deprecated and replaced by FILTER
  • The configuration key INVISIBLEELEMENTS_HIDE_ROTATION is deprecated and replaced by the filter key HIDEROTATEDTEXT
  • The configuration key COMPARE_TEXT_STYLES was extended to specify the attributes to compare like SIZE or COLOR

Fixed Bugs

  • Word recognition in case of overlapping white spaces
  • The regular expressions were not able to match rotated text lines
  • IllegalArgumentException: Comparison method violates its general contract
  • Some characters have not been not displayed because processing of Type1 font was incorrect
  • Seldomly occurring endless loop in the comparer
  • Some currency characters could not be recognized
  • PdfcException: PDF parser error: First item in dictionary must be a /Name.
  • Property “EXPORT_PDF_ALWAYS” ignored if command line interface was used.
  • False positive font color differences occurred because of wrong font color comparison.

i-net PDFC Desktop Application

New Features / Improvements

  • Configurations are now stored and managed as comparison profiles. A base set of profiles is provided with the application
  • The 'Report' tab has been merged into the 'Export & Print' tab
  • Improved zoom and page controls

Fixed Bugs

  • Window states will be saved and restored after restart and compare
  • Label of the disabled “RegEx” filter button was black on a black background

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