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i-net PDFC

Changes in Version 3.x

This document presents the changes of the legacy version 3.x if i-net PDFC.

v3.5.268 (January 24, 2017)

  • Incorrect space detection in italic text occurred.

v3.5.253 (January 09, 2017)

  • Cleanup of temporary files improved.

v3.5.249 (January 05, 2017)

  • Help page has not been opened in i-net PDFC GUI on macOS.

v3.5.247 (January 03, 2017)

  • 'Unrecoverable stack overflow' occurred on zero dash stroke.

v3.5.236 (December 23, 2016)

  • 'Space ranges not defined' error occurred.
  • Comparison of tensor product mesh gradients improved.

v3.5.234 (December 21, 2016)

  • IllegalArgumentException: argument type mismatch - occurred if i-net PDFC GUI was used on Mac OSX and the help button was clicked.

v3.5.207 (November 24, 2016)

  • Whitespace detection for CID fonts was incorrect.
  • IllegalArgumentException: Unknown encoding: Identity-H occurred.
  • NullPointerException occurred during start of the GUI.
  • Potential endless loop in the memory cleanup thread occurred.

v3.5.194 (November 11, 2016)

  • Some texts were not displayed in a PDF/A document.

v3.5.192 (November 09, 2016)

  • NullPointerException occurred during start of the GUI if there was no icon available for a file.
  • Some difference details has not been displayed in the exported PDF comparison result, if the export properties: Portrait orientation, Only right and Scale to page height were enabled.

v3.5.177 (October 25, 2016)

  • Some subscript or raised characters were incorrect positioned.
  • The DifferencesImagePresenter will only create a folder for the difference images of a pair of PDF files if there were difference.

v3.5.163 (October 11, 2016)

  • Command line parameter -e does not work together with -c in the same command line.
  • Some texts were not displayed in the comparison result.
  • Rounding errors have been taken as location differences.
  • Some characters have not been displayed in the comparison result because of changed character to unicode mapping.
  • Space detection by using the kerning data optimized.
  • If there are empty text elements the comparer ignored any shape in between these empty text elements.

v3.5.137 (September 15, 2016)

  • RuntimeException: Transformation matrix is non-invertable - occurred.

v3.5.136 (September 14, 2016)

  • IllegalStateException: PDF stream contains invalid characters after endstream - occurred.
  • ArgumentException: Parameter is not valid - occurred if .NET API was used.
  • The number of false differences reduced when comparing drawings.

v3.5.115 (August 24, 2016)

  • Improvement for redundant elements.
  • Bugfix for distributed rotated text.
  • Improvement for false positives in case of text in drawings.

v3.5.107 (August 16, 2016)

  • Text was not visible in comparison result because the bounding boxes of the text elements have negative widths.

v3.5.86 (July 26, 2016)

  • Positioning of markers in one page export optimized.

v3.5.81 (July 21, 2016)

  • Performance improvements, especially for batch comparisons with a lot of PDF files.
  • Corrupt PDF export occurred in multiple thread environments.
  • It is now possible to use some mixed CID Fonts which actually not according to PDF Reference.
  • Filled shapes with width or height of 0 were not filtered properly.
  • Word boundaries detection further improved.

v3.5.60 (June 30, 2016)

  • Misspelled word in comparison result report.
  • “ERROR - unsupported value type: …” removed from log output.

v3.5.52 (June 22, 2016)

  • Small lines were falsely classified as invisible.

v3.5.46 (June 16, 2016)

  • New implementation of the cache to provide sporadic NullPointerException and other exceptions.

v3.5.38 (June 08, 2016)

  • Comparison result could contain additional white spaces.
  • Open Type Fonts will be identified, even if they are declared as other font type (Type1C).
  • Elements which are marked with “Rendering-Mode=Ignore” were not ignored during comparison.
  • Parameters to detect word boundaries has been optimized.
  • A bug with images with a specific combination of grid and color model occurred.
  • Wrong text recognition due to corrupt unicode mapping in font occurred.
  • Problem in PDF parser occurred for TJ command combined with char spacing.
  • RuntimeException: “Transformation matrix is non-invertable” occurred.
  • Text was not displayed because of NullPointerException.

v3.2.336 (March 02, 2016)

  • PDFParseException: “First item in dictionary must be a /Name” occurred if PDF metadata object was corrupt.
  • Problem with rotated text occurred.
  • Display problems with some ligatures occurred.
  • Exception was not thrown to calling function of i-net PDFC API.

v3.2.320 (February 15, 2016)

  • java.lang.IllegalStateException: occurred.

v3.2.310 (February 05, 2016)

  • Processing of white spaces in regular expression filter has been improved.
  • The text line recognition for rotated text blocks has been improved.
  • Memory usage of exported PDF comparison result optimized for PDF files with large number of images.
  • The default configuration will now be founds alongside the PDF files as well.
  • IllegalArgumentException: “Dimensions (width=2147483647 height=1) are too large” occurred.
  • Fonts in the exported PDF comparison result were different to the original PDF files.

v3.2.278 (January 04, 2016)

  • Processing of white spaces in regular expression filter has been improved.

v3.2.247 (December 04, 2015)

  • Type 3 fonts couldn't be displayed.
  • Very narrow rectangles has been recognized as line.

v3.2.233 (November 20, 2015)

  • NullPointerException because of invalid ICC profile occurred.
  • CCITT decoding algorithm replaced.

v3.2.218 (November 05, 2015)

  • IllegalArgumentException: Bad command (15) occurred.
  • JPX / Jpeg2000 encoded images are not supported. Therefore they are replaced with a warning image now.
  • Don't abort comparison on JPX and JP2 images.
  • Support for case insensitive comparison added.
  • Fix for invisible annotations/reviews.
  • Fix for hexadecimal encoded font names.
  • Glyph transformation in CID fonts with postscript layout were incorrect.

v3.2.204 (October 22, 2015)

  • Text was misplaced, if the compared PDF files were created with dvipdf.
  • Add complete filename to the header of the exported PDF file containing comparison result.

v3.2.201 (October 19, 2015)

  • Because of threading problems incorrect image comparison results occurred, if .NET API was used.

v3.2.195 (October 13, 2015)

  • The following warning occurred if command line interface was used: log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger.

v3.2.190 (October 08, 2015)

  • Thread bug could produce invalid text differences if the GUI was used to compare PDF files.

v3.2.182 (September 30, 2015)

  • Quote characters " and ' were not compared correctly. Unicode values for characters in Type1 font corrected.

v3.2.170 (September 18, 2015)

  • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in Latin character mapper has occurred.
  • IllegalStateException occurred: Could not read from stream.
  • If the export option “Scale to page height” was enabled, then some difference marker were missing.
  • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException occurred if the sub type of font type 0 has not been correct declared.
  • The i-net PDFC GUI re-displays the red comparison result panel by moving the mouse to the result panel position.

v3.2.160 (September 08, 2015)

  • Some characters like apostrophes not displayed in the comparison result.

v3.2.156 (September 04, 2015)

  • Pages in the PDF file containing the comparison result are overlapping sometimes.
  • Some characters having varying code by different encodings were not drawn.

v3.2.153 (September 01, 2015)

  • If the visibility property “Only pages with differences” was enabled (-m parameter in command line) and the PDF files contained pages with different page widths, then the right page was cut off on the right side of the PDF file containing the comparison result.

v3.2.139 (August 18, 2015)

  • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException occurred if the PDF files contains invisible singular spaces with no width.
  • New onProgressUpdate API method added for presenters to get progress updates.

v3.2.134 (August 13, 2015)

  • New onProgressUpdate method added to Presenter to get the current progress.
  • Parameter /verysilent for setup and uninstall now runs the applications silently without any messages or dialogs.
  • NullPointerException occurred because the optional content dictionary of the PDF file was empty.

v3.2.113 (July 23, 2015)

  • Texts that are rendered with positive and negative font sizes were automatically evaluated as different.
  • RuntimeException: Transformation matrix is non-invertable: AffineTransform … occurred.
  • More reporting log messages hidden.

v3.2.107 (July 17, 2015)

  • New command line parameters added to use all export types, switch visible types and highlights.
  • Error by decryption process occurred because of a NullPointerException. Padding errors occurred in encrypted PDF files.
  • Comparison does not show differences if one PDF file contains invalid characters. Command line parameters added.
  • Reporting log messages hidden and redirected to the logger of i-net PDFC.
  • Comparison result export ignores the checkbox for “Only Left” and “Only Right” if the overlay mode was used in the comparison result view.
  • Comparison result export does not split resulting pages within PDF file pages, if “Scale to page height” is enabled.
  • Because of a NullPointerException some text was not displayed in the comparison result.
  • Cache handling optimized to reduce OutOfMemoryErrors with Java 8.

v3.2.64 (June 04, 2015)

  • MULTI_COLUMN filter improved. Significantly better results for regular three and two column layouts.
  • Implemented soft-hyphen handling for tagged PDFs.
  • Color transformation defined in Adobe Application segment will be used for converting cmyk jpeg images.
  • Fixed issue with nested form fields
  • Fixed non-invertable transformation in PDF export
  • Optimized white space detection.
  • OutOfMemoryError with occurred if .NET API was used.

v3.2.48 (May 19, 2015)

  • Image were displayed in inverse colors.

v3.2.44 (May 15, 2015)

  • Wrong scroll position when switching from overlay to side-by-side mode.
  • Fixed scroll position list when enabling/disabling 'hide similiar pages'.

v3.2.37 (May 08, 2015)

  • During search in more complex PDF files, the following exception occurs: IllegalArgumentException: Comparison method violates its general contract!.

v3.2.34 (May 05, 2015)

  • Decimal encoding of type 3 fonts was incorrect.
  • InvalidMarkException occurred due to inconsistent true type fonts embedded in pdf documents.
  • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException occurred due to kerning incorrections.
  • Glyph Mapping for certain CID Type 0 fonts was incorrect.
  • Whitespace detection for CID fonts was incorrect.
  • Modified name of folder for image export, fixed zip filenameof PNG export.

v3.1.190 (April 09, 2015)

  • Default visibility for layers / optional content implemented.

v3.1.176 (March 26, 2015)

  • IllegalStateException occurred: Invalid character code byte count: 1.
  • IllegalStateException occurred: The checkbox is not initialized.
  • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in PDFHintTable.
  • The command line tool prints the full absolute path after Scanning <filename>.
  • The method SetTypeVisible was missing in the .Net API of the ResultModel object.

v3.1.148 (February 26, 2015)

  • Differences where displayed in upper / lower case although the words were displayed in uppercase.
  • Handling for '…' in table of contents optimized.
  • A better error message will be displayed if the PDF files contains an corrupt image.
  • Optimized internal handling of JPG images. Increases performance for PDF files with large JPG images.
  • Special cases of text spacing occurred.
  • Property EXPORT_PDF_ALWAYS added to the config.xml.

v3.1.126 (February 04, 2015)

  • BufferUnderflowException occurred because of inconsistent CID-Type2 font.
  • NullPointerException in LZWDecode occurred.

v3.1.120 (January 29, 2015)

  • New GUI control to reset the GUI to it's startup state (clear documents and result).
  • Support for embedded OpenType/CFF fonts.
  • Support for very large CID Fonts, Type 2.
  • Fix for negative font sizes in PDF files.

v3.1.100 (January 09, 2015)

  • Broken links and images in the online help.
  • RuntimeException: “Transformation matrix is non-invertable” occurred.

v3.1.82 (December 22, 2014)

  • IllegalStateException: procedure is already running - has occurred.

v3.1.77 (December 17, 2014)

  • PDFParseException: Bad character in Hex String occurred because of Unix linebreaks in the PDF XRef table.
  • Extended font name mapping to compare embedded and built-in fonts.
  • NullPointerException occurred if the command line parameter '-m' was used in combination with parameter '-i'.

v3.1.57 (November 27, 2014)

  • When exporting graphical comparison to PDF, PNG or printer (-p commandline), PDF file pairs without differences will no longer cause an export.
  • New Visibilities option: “Only pages with differences” added to the GUI. Pages which do not have differences (with current visibility filter) will be minimized and will only show their page number. It affects the output in the GUI and the printing, PNG and PDF export of the comparison result. In the command line, option -m or -minimize can be used.
    • Command line parameter “-m” added. Only in conjunction with -p: causes pages in the graphical PDF-Export which have no differences to be minimized.
  • Reduced memory requirements for large PDF files and PDF files with large images.
  • IllegalArgumentException: Bad size for Maxp table occurred.
  • FileNotFoundException: Could not find file occurred if i-net PDFC was running from a service in IIS.
  • Scrollbars were not displayed correctly if the PDF files contains pages in portrait and landscape orientation.
  • The GUI has crashed on Mac OS X 10.7.
  • .Net environment:
    • Font issue occurred which could lead to missing PDF difference export files in multi-thread and .Net environments.
    • Could not load file or assembly 'IKVM.OpenJDK.Management, Version=7.4.5196.0
    • Could not load file or assembly 'IKVM.OpenJDK.XML.XPath, Version=7.4.5196.0
  • Markers were incorrectly displayed on rotated pages.
  • OutOfMemoryError occurred if the PDF files contains a lot of images.
  • The file removed from the PDFC.jar because it is not used.
  • PDFParseException: “content reference not found” occurred.
  • ANSI-Encoding in certain TrueType fonts was wrong.
  • Annotations were not displayed correctly.

v3.0.462 (September 15, 2014)

  • When exporting graphical comparison to PDF, PNG or Printer (-p commandline), PDF-pairs without differences will no longer cause an export.

v3.0.445 (August 29, 2014)

  • Font issue occurred under .NET. An embedded font was not embedded in the PDF file containing the comparison result.
  • RuntimeException occurred: Error by decryption process

v3.0.441 (August 25, 2014)

  • The following exception occurred: PDFParseException: Unknown command: …
  • Word break detection optimized

v3.0.427 (August 11, 2014)

  • The following exception occurred during creation of the compariosn report: “com.inet.lib.json.h” with message “Field 'breakPoints' not found.

v3.0.417 (August 01, 2014)

  • Position and orientation of an annotation was incorrect.

v3.0.414 (July 29, 2014)

  • RuntimeException: Error by decryption process occurred.
  • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 253 occurred.
  • NumberFormatException: “For input string: “0/.notdef” in Type1 fonts occurred.

v3.0.393 (July 08, 2014)

  • IllegalArgumentException: Unknown encoding: ZapfDingbatsEncoding occurred. Character encoding ZapfDingbatsEncoding is now supported.
  • PDFParseException: Data format exception:incorrect header check. PDF files that are encrypted with AES algorithm with default 128 bit keys can be compared now.
  • While you scroll through the pages, the page number will be displayed on the right side of the GUI.

v3.0.373 (June 18, 2014)

  • Modified font engine to return equal font metrics on all operating systems an Java runtime types. This may affect the comparison result if a very low TEXT_ALIGN_RATIO is configured.

v3.0.350 (May 26, 2014)

  • PDFParseException: xref part is corrupted occurred.

v3.0.337 (May 13, 2014)

  • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in some Type 7 Shaders occurred.
  • Character from CIDFontType2 (Japanese fonts) could not be recognized if parent font does not define Unicode mapping.

v3.0.295 (April 01, 2014)

  • Configuration property INVISIBLEELEMENTS_HIDE_ROTATION added. With this property it is possible to filter rotated text (vertical text) as well.

v3.0.263 (February 28, 2014)

  • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException occurred.
  • If the .NET API of i-net PDFC was used then the following exception occurred: “A generic error occurred in GDI+”.

v3.0.256 (February 21, 2014)

  • NullPointerException occurred.

v3.0.254 (February 19, 2014)

  • ClassCastException occurred in strict comparison mode on PDF control elements.
  • The following exception occurred with the .NET edition: cli.System.Runtime.InteropServices.ExternalException: A generic error occurred in GDI+.

v3.0.246 (February 11, 2014)

  • Version 3.0.235 was delivered as a beta version.
  • Activated / non activated checkbox was not detected as difference.

v3.0.235 (January 31, 2014)

  • Files with upper case suffix were not compared in batch compare mode.
  • Specific text differences were not found.
  • Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters have not been rendered correctly and an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException has occurred if the PDF files containing such characters.
  • ProfileDataException with invalid ICC profile occurred.

v3.0.214 (January 10, 2014)

  • New features in the i-net PDFC GUI:
    • Export the comparison result in a PDF file or print it on a printer
    • Display annotations in the PDF files
    • Search within the PDF file(s) is possible
    • Continuous Zoom of the PDF files is possible
    • Meta Data added to the visibilities filter
    • Tabs layout has been redesigned
    • Tabs Search, Annotations, Export / Print added
    • Comparison result view:
      • With a rigth click on a difference marker it is possible to get detailled information about the difference, copy the text, ignore selected text, ignore selected difference
    • Export/Import of the configuration, useful to use it with i-net PDFC command line / API
  • It is now possible to save the comparison result in PDF file using -p command line parameter
  • A color difference tolerance for text and shapes can now be defined using the configuration property TOLERANCE_COLOR
  • Legacy API deprecated, will be removed in Version 4.0
  • Batchrunner, IReportResult, IPageResult, IDifference is now deprecated
  • Batchrunner.setLoader is not used anymore, the new threading architecture requires full control over the parser process
  • Complete new API with extended capabilities
  • New Filter to normalize visually equals characters added. This is useful especially for ORC or PDF-printer generated PDF documents
  • PDFParseException: Stream ended inappropriately occurred
  • Improved Space recognition for the 'Text by pattern' Filter
  • PS commands gt, ge, lt and le supported
  • Support for special type of Adobe-encoded Jpeg images
  • Default language for the comparison report was German. Now it is English.

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