i-net PDFC


  • Internet Explorer and the “old” Edge browser (not Chromium) are no longer supported

i-net PDFC Server

New Features / Improvements

  • Textselection added to the web GUI
  • Simple annotations displayed in web GUI
  • The DejaVu fonts will be used as default fonts if i-net PDFC is running on a headless machine without installed fonts
  • It is supported to password protect the exported PDF file containing the comparison result
  • Vastly improved drawing speed for document images, leading to a much faster page loading in the server and desktop application

Fixed Bugs

  • Arithmetic overflow occurred due to a very large hard disk quota in the server configuration
  • WebAPI
    • It was not possible to access profiles (shared or not) using WebAPI

i-net PDFC Runtime / Parser / Comparison

New Features / Improvements

  • PDF-parser optimized to use stroke instead of fill if possible, resulting in smaller exported PDF files and more precise rendering
  • Jpeg2000 encoded images supported
  • The font Dejvu-Sans is used as default font for font embedding in PDF export
  • Table comparison overhauled to compare the structure as well. Will now show added/removed cells, columns, rows and tables as well
  • Text location check in strict mode will now only check the position along the baseline of the text and no longer all bounds of each word. This is more robust if the font family or size is changed as well
  • Header/footer detection in documents with large line heights improved
  • Recognition of the text styles subscript, superscript and strike through for both PDF and DocX
  • Improved table recognition for tables with header box, “cross tabs” and tables with only inner borders
  • Link-Verification now checks relative URLs for potential http-Protocol as well
  • Handling for incorrect PDF files improved, shapes will be ignored in that case
  • Multi column detection for plain two column layouts and heading + columns scenarios improved
  • Visibility calculation improved for shapes with mixed fill+stroke colors and redundant elements
  • 'Compute actual visiblity' improved - it will now exclude text on filled background of equal color as well
  • Tesseract OCR:
    • The tesseract plugin now clear the tmp files after the usage
  • DOCX parser:
    • Fallback added that is used in case of not supported pattern
    • Improvements of the DOCX parser

Fixed Bugs

  • Performance issues occurred because of language detection and improved rendering features
  • Different errors occurred due to zero-height text chunks
  • Because of a rounding error on first page footer detection there could be incorrect differences on the first page
  • Table was detected on the first page while the header&footer filter was active
  • Text merge issue in the differences output text occurred. Some white spaces were missing
  • False differences occurred in case of duplicated objected in the source document
  • DOCX parser:
    • Surplus numbering override levels and auto-color in numberings in tables

i-net PDFC SDK

New Features / Improvements

  • Methods added to the .NET API:
    • getDifferences returns the list of differences
    • getDifferenceGroupsList returns the list of diffgroups
  • It is supported to print a report (an engine) to a lokal printer, see sample SimplePrint.cs in the SDK

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