i-net PDFC


  • Java version 14 supported
  • Web API added for Backup/Restore in maintenance
  • Web API core plugin added. It provides a GUI for that a permission is necessary
  • Translations plugin added. With this plugin it is possible to translate labels and messages of the GUI in an additional language
  • The minimum supported Windows version is Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012
  • Plugin reporting (file reporting.zip) added. It is required because it contains the base product
  • Confirm verified differences to hide them in all output formats. The confirmation is valid until the documents are changed


  • Fixed XXE vulnerability for authenticated users with privileges to ad-hoc reporting or remote designer (CVE-2020-12684)
  • Fixed multiple XSS vulnerabilities (login was not required).
  • Fixed a path traversal vulnerability which allowed access to files within the installation folder and its sub-folders

i-net PDFC Server

New Features / Improvements

  • Login of Members of Windows group Guest is possible
  • Private Cloud License added
  • New collector option “Cross compare all files per folder” added to the TaskPlanner batch comparison to cross compare each file in a folder with each reference file in another folder
  • WebAPI - comparison result parameter (timestamp for create and modify) added to comparison info

i-net PDFC Runtime / Parser / Comparison

New Features / Improvements

  • PDF export optimized to reduce average size by 10 to 50%
  • Overhauled 'invisible objects' filter to compute the actual visibility of all elements in the document
  • New filter added to use the (optional) PDF structure information to improve the comparison result
  • Handling for stacked sdt* elements in docx improved
  • Multi-Column filter improved
    • Detection of outlined tables and recognition of columns by embedded images
    • Column mapping for shapes and images in multi column layout
    • Column detection near very large text chunks
  • Bug in ASCII stream decode. The memory consumption of SMasks was optimized
  • Optimized Ascent calculation for TT-Fonts in PDF files
  • Support for languages with word breaks in non latin text improved, for example Chinese
  • Password protected PDF files: Support for PDF 1.7-extended and PDF 2.0 decryption algorithms added
  • The differences for image detail comparison improved
  • Improved block recognition and ordering in rotated text sequences
  • New fall back to use the glyph code in case of missing unicode mapping

Fixed Bugs

  • StackOverflowError with DOCX documents occurred
  • Invsible paragraphs in table cells occurred where the 'framePr' property was set
  • Wrong location and clipping of annotations in PDF documents
  • Referring to file locations in web API calls is limited to administrators
  • OCR (tesseract) does not work on Debian
  • Invalid characters occurred in comparison result export. This version contains a bugfix for embedding PDF descendant fonts with different parent fonts
  • Image was not displayed because of unsupported imagemask
  • Error “missing initial moveto in path definition” occurred

i-net PDFC Desktop Application

New Features / Improvements

  • Drag&Drop document to the view area to compare them (in addition to the header buttons)
  • New control to show a list of all differences with the option to confirm & hide certain differences
  • Preview of the first page of selected documents
  • Annotations sometimes not transparent
  • Comparison result details displayed in a column on the left side of the documents

Task Planner

New Features / Improvements

  • New collector option in the TaskPlanner batch comparison to compare each file with each reference file

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