i-net PDFC


  • AdoptOpenJDK 11 bundled with installed i-net Designer and Report Server was updated to version 11.0.10
  • Support for Internet Explorer will be discontinued in the next version 21.4
  • Support for Java 8 will be discontinued in the next version 21.4. At least Java 11 will be required
  • JDK 15 supported
  • Web applications can now be installed as Progressive Web App (PWA)


  • Security Fix: Open Redirect Vulnerability occurred (CVE-2020-28150)
  • Security Fix: Jetty CVE-2020-27216
  • Possible JavaScript injections prevented

i-net PDFC Server

Changed Behavior

  • The permission Comparison API has been removed. It is now covered by the combination of the Modify and run comparisons and Web API permissions (requires the Web API Plugin to be enabled).
  • The plugin name ocr.tesseract.winavx changed to ocr.tesseract.installed
  • The plugin name ocr.tesseract changed to ocr.tesseract.windows
  • Task Planner: The action “Print” is only supported for job export formats PDF and Images

New Features / Improvements

  • Rendering Performance improved with a better font metrics caching
  • New notifications are now directly shown in the web client when the OS notifications are disabled or not possible
  • SameSite=Lax Attribute set for login cookies
  • Changes of heap memory, language, country and VM arguments will work with a server restart from the web interface. Before a service restart was required
  • Note added to configuration property “Restrict Permissions” in dialog “User & Groups” because when global permissions are not restricted then all users have administrative access!
  • Web API:
    • Result parameter for comparison info added (timestamp for create and modify)
    • Option to add header information added (for example for authentication) for remote PDF request
    • New parameter exportbydiff for the requests result/pdf and result/report. If this parameter is set to true the result will be returned only in case of differences
    • Compare Command:
      • can receive additional (or exclusive) JSON file to configure PDF documents, eg. to set their passwords.
      • JSON may contain Request Headers for HTTP/S request to load PDF files, eg. to authenticate the request
      • Option to add header information (for example for authentication) for remote PDF request added. (Upload pdf via URL)
  • Maintenance: It is now possible to restore backups that were not made with the current version. The backup is checked for whether it is compatible with the current version, and if so, it is able to be restored
  • Tesseract OCR:
    • Plugin ocr.tesseract.installed can be configured, eg. setting the runtime path to Tesseract
    • Plugin ocr.tesseract.windows is included only in the Windows and the SDK installer. If using the plugin fails, a Windows System Tesseract Installation is required (see plugin ocr.tesseract.installed)
  • Task Planner: The file format(PDF,XLSX,ODS,RTF) can now be selected for export type 'report' in the Task Planner module

Fixed Bugs

  • System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error - occurred with PDFCNunit
  • It was not possible to login if a localhost URL was used in Chrome browser to open the web interface
  • Parameterized streams were evaluated in the wrong order by the comparison Web API
  • Temporary errors (Extenal visible URL '…' was not validated) occurred during validation of Private Cloud License
  • Comparison profiles (shared or not) was no longer accessible by the API users (not administrative users)
  • Exception “Object doesn't support or method 'append'” occurred in web interface during comparison in Internet Explorer 11

i-net PDFC Runtime / Parser / Comparison

New Features / Improvements

  • It is now possible to detect style changes within a word
  • Multiple bugs with OCR comparison occurred like wrong detection of text in images
  • Clipping calculation for complex white shapes and stroked vertical/horizontal lines improved
  • The pattern filter can now be used to filter single characters or parts of words as well. The limitation to full words is now optional but enabled by default
  • Added font styles to the fonts of the exported PDF comparison result. This enables the reader to copy&paste the correct color and style for text elements from the exported PDF file
  • Underline recognition for boxed text improved
  • Greatly reduced heap usage and export size in case of recurring or tiled images in compared PDF documents
  • Improved space detection in case of negative kerning and justified paragraphs
  • Multi-Column filter improved: handling of transparent objects, recognition of row separators, narrow line spacing
  • Page range filter: It is now possible to remove last page(s) per document from the comparison
  • Font name normalization for 'TimesNewRomanPSMT' true type font improved
  • Table filter improved to detect more types of tables in compared PDF documents

Fixed Bugs

  • Charcaters were drawn apart in the comparison result if fixed size fonts without width table data was used
  • NoSuchElementException occurred in case of a style change in a word with a ligature
  • Recognition of stacked white elements on document background color
  • Text selection/mapping of ligatures and custom glyphes was wrong in exported PDF files
  • NullPointerException occurred during comparison of DocX documents because the table border could not read correctly
  • Invalid Character after export occurred, bugfix for embedding PDF descendant fonts with different parent fonts
  • Corrupt text elements in PDF occurred in case a Form element was re-used on several pages
  • Incorrectly encoded texts occurred when using a Type1C font: '' was replaced by '•'
  • Regression in version 20.4: The rendering with Blendmode and CMYK Colorspace changed back to the behaviour in i-net PDFC version 6. (This combination is currently not supported)
  • Handling of hex-encoded resource entry keys was incorrect, leading to missing resources and images
  • IllegalStateException: glyph size is not defined occurred because of invalid value in the HEAD table of embedded TrueType fonts
  • Incorrect 'PageBreakAfter' in DocX files occurred which lead to additional empty pages
  • Occasional incorrect vertical offset occurred during Docx comparison when using keep-together for paragraphs
  • Wrong word splits occurred due to invalid intermediate space characters combined with ligatures
  • 'Image Error' occurred in comparison result caused by an incorrect number of color channels in a masked image

i-net PDFC Desktop Application

New Features / Improvements

  • Comparison result details displayed in a column on the left side of the documents
  • Configuration dialog added to modify setting like Logging and Tesseract
  • Native high DPI support, e.g. for Mac Retina displays or screen scaling on Windows

Fixed Bugs

  • A high number of difference will no longer block the desktop application for some time once the comparison has finished
  • Desktop application on macOS does not show the comparison state in the icon, if no comparison is started
  • The size of the maximized window of the Desktop application was wrong with Java 11.0.8 or Java 15 or newer

i-net PDFC SDK

Fixed Bugs

  • The header footer was not displayed in the comparison result if -highlights headerfooter was set in the command line

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