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The following chapters describe the various things to know when migrating from version 6.x of i-net PDFC to version 20.x. If you migrate from older versions of i-net PDFC, then you should also read the other migration information depending on the version that you migrate from.

Changes in program structure

The internal structure has changed. Due to this change the previous startup scripts are no longer valid and have to be changed.

If manual changes were made to the startup scripts, they have to be updated accordingly:

  • Server: the startup script has to be changed from
    • From: java -cp java/PDFC.jar com.inet.pdfc.PDFCServer
    • To: java -jar core/inetcore.jar
  • Desktop Application: the startup script has to be changed from
    • From: java -jar java/PDFCGui.jar
    • To: java -jar core/inetcore.jar pdfc.gui
  • Command Line Parameters: the startup has to be changed
    • From: java -jar java/PDFC.jar …
    • To: java -jar core/inetcore.jar cmd …

Behavioural changes

  • The Comparison API plugin requires the Web API plugin (with the ID webapi.core) to be enabled. The activation will be performed once automatically for custom configurations that had the comparison.api plugin enabled already (eg. saving changes in the Configuration Manager → Plugins section). Otherwise the Comparison API plugin is disabled by default now.
  • The Web API plugin has been updated with a new remote interface application which requires an additional permission. Every other previous Web API extension now requires this permission as well. Users with specific Web API permissions must be checked and reconfigured in the Users and Groups Manager.
  • The Comparison API by default returns the JSON format now. To still get an HTML result, please add the parameter format=html to the request query.

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