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Export & Print

The Export & Print panel becomes active as soon as a comparison is finished. It can be used to export toe result to certain file formats, to print the result or to store a summary report.

This panel is disabled by default until a comparison result is available.

Please not that the changes to the visbilites panel and to the display mode will affect the export as well. The zoom factor instead is only applied to the preview.

Export Formats

There are three different export formats:

  • print the comparison to a local or network printer
  • export the comparison as a file in PDF or PNG format
  • create a summary report file in PDF format


Selecting one of the printers as export type will print the comparison result to this printer. Use the Properties and Setup Page buttons to configure the printed pages and their format.

Export as PDF / PNG

Export the comparison view to a file. In case of PNG format the pages will be rendered as separate images and compressed into a .zip archive.

Export as Report

This option will create a PDF file containing a summary report of the comparison. In case Detailed Report is selected a list of all differences will be appended to the summary. The export of the report supports various formats.


This panel is active for all export types that export the visual comparison result. It can be used to select the pages to export and their orientation.

Please note: The page numbers do not relate to the pages in the compared documents. They will only limit the pages in the output.


The orientation of the exported pages can be set to portrait or landscape. This setting does not affect the input documents. If only the left or right document is exported, it's recommended to use the same orientation as the document. For the side-by-side view of both documents the landscape orientation should be used.


This panel is active for all export types that export the visual comparison result. The following options are available:

  • Sides to export - selects which of the compared documents will be displayed in the export. If only the left or the right document is selected the scale will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Scale to page height - fits the compared pages to the exported pages. So there can only be one pair of compared pages per exported page. To achieve this output the compared pages will be re-aligned to avoid any breaks in the compared pages.
  • Add header and footer - adds a header and footer line to each page containing the profile name, the file names, a timestamp and a page counter
  • Add differences as annotations - (only for PDF) toggles the annotations containing the description of the differences. A large amount of such annotations may slow down the PDF reader application.

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