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The annotation panel shows the review annotations, markup and comments of a file. This list is especially useful to look up the review process of a document. But any graphical markup will be displayed in the annotations list as well.

This panel will be inactive if there are not annotations in the currently compared documents.

Note: i-net PDFC does not compare annotation fields. The intention of the annotations panel is to assist or verify a manual review process. Comparing the annotations would create an ambiguous result for that scenario.

List view

The list control shows all annotations of the compared documents ordered by page and location. Each entry of this list shows the following information:

Author Markup
Comment Type

Conversations and replies are outlined by indenting of the entries. Hovering the entries will show additional information like creation date and state, if available.

Show Annotations

The checkbox to the bottom of the panel will disable the markup of the annotations in the document view.


The list view of the annotations can be filtered by several criteria:

  • The search text box can be used to filter by the comment of the annotations. The search allows partial matching. Thus a search text of 'ex' will match 'text' as well.
  • The filter button will filter by 'Reviewer', 'State' and 'Checked'. For all filter property the value 'All' will match all values for the property.
    • Reviewer filters by the author of the annotation. Only available author names are provided here.
    • Status filters by the review state of the annotation. Available values are: None, Accepted, Completed, Canceled and Rejected
    • Checked is usually displayed as a checkbox in most PDF viewer applications. Thus the available filter values are Checked and Unchecked.

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