i-net PDFC

Comparison Profile

A profile in i-net PDFC is a set of configuration parameters for the comparison. Each profile can have a name and a description to easily find the matching profile for the current documents.

The default set of profiles will suit the most purposes and allows PDFs of various kinds to be compared to each other. But for special use cases i-net PDFC provides the option to define and manage custom profiles that exactly are in line with the documents.

Manage Compare Profiles

i-net PDFC is shipped with a set of immutable default profiles. To create a custom profile, please select the default profile that suites your requirements the most and open it by clicking on pencil.

Since default profiles can't be modified you'll have to create a copy of the profile. To do so click on the Duplicate labels on the top or bottom of the component.

A name has to be provided for the new profile and can not be changed later.

Compared Types

Text comparison

Deviation tolerance for texts

The deviation tolerance can be adjusted by means of the slider between low and high. The slider affects the text align ratio and the location tolerance (strict mode only). It basically defines how tolerant the comparer will be when putting words to the same line of text.


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