i-net PDFC

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following shortcuts can be used in the comparison result to scroll through pages and differences.

Page Down next page
Page Up previous page
Down scroll down
Up scroll up
Left diff selection
Right diff selection
Pos 1 Go to page 1
Right Go to last page
STRG + D show only different pages
STRG + + zoom in
STRG + - zoom out
STRG + M switch: Side by Side → Single Side 1 → Single Side 2
STRG + J switch: Fit to Page ↔ Fit to Width

The following shortcuts can be used to control the i-net PDFC interface.

STRG + R open profile selection panel
STRG + V open visibility panel
STRG + E open export panel
STRG + A open annotation panel
STRG + F open search panel
STRG + L open license panel
F1 open help page
STRG + 1 filechooser for document 1
STRG + 2 filechooser for document 2
STRG + S start comparison

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