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Comparing Documents

The i-net PDFC standalone application enables you to take 2 PDF files and compare them at the click of a button. The differences between the two PDF documents are displayed in either a side-by-side view or as a single view overlaying both documents as if you were holding two pieces of paper up to the light.

Quick Start

Figure 1: Initial

Simply drag two PDF files (either one at a time or together) into the i-net PDFC window. Alternatively, you can click on one of the file areas to open up a file chooser to manually choose a PDF file.

Figure 2: With PDF

Once you have chosen the PDF files you wish to compare, click the large green “start” button to start the comparison. Depending on the size of the PDF files and the amount of differences between the two documents, comparison may take anywhere from a second or two to a few minutes in extreme cases. Comparing

Figure 3: Comparing
Figure 4: Compare Finished


You can now scroll through the comparison result of your PDF files in the side-by-side view. As you scroll, the views' differences will be kept next to each other in order to show areas that have been added or changed on either side.

The positions of the various differences are shown as “markers” on the scroll bar to the right. You can quick-jump to a difference by clicking on it in the overview ruler on the right hand side. Also, you can use the cursor left and cursor rigth key to jump through the markers.

Figure 5: Differences on the scroll bar

Marker color desciption:

  • red for add/remove
  • orange for replaced
  • green for textstyle

Difference Markers

To get more details about the differences of a marker you can double click on it. Also, with a right click on a marker you can more details, copy selected text, exclude selectec text from comparison or exclude the selected difference from the comparison.

Figure 6: Difference tooltip
Figure 7: Difference menu (right click)
Figure 8: Difference details (double click)


There is a toolbar at the bottom which will appear if your mouse is positioned anywhere near the bottom center of the window. This toolbar enables you to:

Figure 9: Toolbars
  • Change view modes from side-by-side to a single overlapping view in which both documents are in a sense “held up to the light”. In this view mode, you can control the transparency level of the documents with the slider. Additionally, pressing the spacebar repeatedly will flip back and forth between the two documents.
  • Change the zoom level of the PDF files continuous.
  • Previous page go the previous page.
  • Next page go to next page.


You can open up the profile selection by clicking on the blue 'Comparison profile' tab to the top left of the content area.

Figure 10: Comparison profile

The provided default profiles are suitable for comparing most documents.

Figure 11: Default profiles

Each profile represents a complex configuration for the comparison features of i-net PDFC. So in case the default profile don't provide the expected results, a customized profile can be a solution. For more details on how do create a custom profile and the different comparison features, see the Profiles help page.


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