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RDC Readme - i-net Clear Reports Runtime Design Component (RDC)

The files in the directory “samples/rdc” are code samples that shows you the usage of the i-net Clear Reports - Runtime Design Component (RDC). For more information about the samples please refer to the specific Java.

You can run the samples in three steps:

  • Compile the files EngineCreator.java and RDCSample.java
  • Compile a sample
  • Start the sample

RDC Sample List

This directory contains java classes, which should help you by your first time using the Runtime Design Component (RDC). Most of the possibilities of RDC are explained in the class files, which you can compile and execute.

Every sample extends the class RDCSample. Here are the most important steps, i.e. the target frame for the viewer, the viewer itself and a window listener for the frame, were done here. The RDCSample class has an abstract method “fillAndCreateEngine”, which every sample, that inherit from this class have to implement.

Please check the directory the complete list of available samples.


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