i-net Clear Reports


  • Internet Explorer and the “old” Edge browser (not Chromium) are no longer supported


  • PostgreSQL version updated because of CVE-2020-13692

i-net Clear Reports runtime

Changed Behavior

  • PDF export: The rendering time is used as creation time of the PDF file. In earlier versions it was the creation time of the rpt template
  • The XLSX / ODS export creates fewer very small columns. This can cause problems if the report elements are not very well aligned and also very tightly designed
  • Embedded fonts preserved the original font family name now. This can result in a different printing output (print job size) via Java report viewer client if the same font is installed on the client system

New Features / Improvements

  • Jpeg2000 encoded images supported
  • Font replacement improved for PDF reports if enabled
  • Perfomance of DatabaseMetaData.getTables() improved
  • HTML export:
    • New implementation of HTML-Advanced in HTML-Export added. The result will now be fixed by i-net Clear Reports, leaving less room for render differences in the client browser
  • XLSX / ODS export:
    • Cell-Distribution of output formats XLSX and ODS completely rewritten
    • For compounds reports with URL parameter “reports” the table sheets in ODS/XLSX use the title of the underlying rpt file. In older versions the title of the first rpt file was used

Report Server

New Features / Improvements

  • Web API: Upload and verification of a single or multiple file resources into the repository enabled
  • Apache Cassandra database supported as datasource. The CQL (Cassandra Query Language) can be used to fetch data
  • MongoDB database supported as datasource
  • Perfomance of DatabaseMetaData.getTables() improved

Fixed Bugs

  • ClassCastException in Maintenance with MongoDB persistence occurred

i-net Designer

New Features / Improvements

  • Weblog datasource added

Fixed Bugs

  • Rendering issues occurred in the “Options | i-net Clear Reports”. The “i-net Clear Reports” icon was missing and the dialog “Manage configurations” was not displayed correctly

Report Repository

New Features / Improvements

  • It is possible to upload and verify a single or multiple file resources into the repository using Web API

Fixed Bugs

  • Prompt request dialog did not work in the report repository when using a guest account


New Features / Improvements

  • A report (engine) can be printed to a local printer using .NET API

Task Planner

New Features / Improvements

  • Private key authentication to Task Planner FTP tasks added

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